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A Sanket M. Yenagi Foundation

Under his Business acumen, Mr.Sanket M. Yenagi, an Advocate practicing in the Supreme Court of India and various other High Courts, started forming up another foundation, named SMYLE Foundation in the year 2017. It is a one of its kind private Non-Governmental Organization formed in Bangalore. To date it is engaged in various social welfare activities focused on the eradication of poverty and human suffering. It is also aimed at all-round enrichment of the society especially for the incapable, downtrodden & the weaker sections.

SMYLE receives its maximum private funding from Mr.Sanket M.Yenagi, the Founder himself. Other than this, the foundation runs on funds gathered from other resources such as Corporate money, individual wealth, family wealth, and receiving funds in the form of sponsorship from several private resources.

SMYLE offers its range of social welfare services which is outspread across in multifaceted dimensions. Be it adult education, allocating scholarship for meritorious students, Distribution of Study materials to needy students, Establishment of Free Medical services, Blood Donation camps, and other Health Camps, Moral and Self-confidence boosting programs, Relief work in Natural Disasters, Positive Campaigning for Pollution Control, Building Green Environment through regular plantations, Handholding of poor families in the time of need like marriages or any other occasions in the family, Self-Employment Assistance and Workshops, Organizing seminars for sustainable improvement for rural and urban areas, SMILE manages all of this regularly.

SMYLE has been noticed nationally and praised for its role for the relief work during the Coorg flood in 2018, flood in North Karnataka in 2019, mass-marriages, adopting a government school, and providing free uniforms and books to 750 students in the school and paying their annual school fees.

Power of Youth

A Sanket M. Yenagi Foundation

It was the success of SMYLE, which inspired Mr.Sanket to come up with another Non-Governmental Organization, his second venture in 2019. Bangalore in Karnataka, witnessed the opening of Power of Youth Foundation, another private NGO, ventured from the business acumen from Mr.Sanket M. Yenagi, an Advocate practicing in the Supreme Court of India and various others High Courts.

Like SMYLE, Power of Youth obtained its maximum private funding from Mr.Sanket M.Yenagi, the Founder himself. Other than this, the foundation runs on funds gathered from various other resources such as corporate money, individual wealth, and family wealth and through receiving funds in the form of sponsorship from private resources.

Power of Youth is a collaborative effort of a few transformers, insightful individuals and corporates, and of course the patrons. An NGO which was born and bred in the Bangalore region is now bursting with unlimited energy and has proved its mettle across the state of Karnataka. The power of Youth has shown consistent and impactful growth in a very short period of its existence. It is widely spreading its wings. The main branch functioning in Bangalore, has received plenty of requests to open branches in all other districts in the State of Karnataka too, which includes Livelihood Development Centers, Partnership Centers, Jail Centers, and mobile rural camps.

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To coordinate and start open doors for the school dropouts and oppressed nearby youth to assist them with driving gainful and socially helpful lives.


To give a fitting chance to engage the devastated, impoverished, less gifted, and instructed youth through an arrangement of wages or independent work dependent on their food preparing furnished in an organization with partners.

As one of the youthful and dynamic NGO’s in the business space in Bangalore who works for the “out of school” youth, Power of Youth firmly accepts that forming the country’s future lies in the hands of its childhood populace. As we know, in the developed countries 90% of the young population opt for some of the other sorts of vocational training, while less than 5% of them go through vocational training in our country even though India tops the list with 356 million young people as the country of world’s largest youth population.

At Power of Youth, we run the only inclusive program in Karnataka. The key features of the program are:

  • Admission to any individual who can peruse and compose with no conventional instruction.
  • Focus on hands-on professional preparing (70% reasonable and 30% hypothesis)
  • Vichar Parivartan (SKP) – an exclusive program for attitudinal change and fundamental abilities, for example, dynamic, time the board, cash the executives, values, and discernment, wellbeing and cleanliness, work preparation and so on.
  • Community Commitment, Directing, and Tutoring
  • Job arrangements and help for independent work
  • We receive a comprehensive methodology of upgrading the less lucky youth with professional abilities, direction, advising, and money related help.
  • Annually, we enable a few youths to be productively utilized including those who take a greater jump of turning into a business visionary and entrepreneur soon.
  • At Power of Youth, we expect to keep developing and tutoring other nearby NGOs and similar organizations to convey a similar model of occupational training to accomplish a Pan India presence.

From motivating 50 to more than 650 students, from the draught to flood-affected areas of Karnataka, Power of Youth has stretched its horizons to become a model youth movement in the country.

The outstanding outreach of Power of Youth is more recognizable after a flood in Coorg in 2018, flood in North Karnataka in 2019, adopting a government school and giving free uniforms and books to 750 understudies in the school and paying their yearly school expenses.